Sister Mary


“Relentlessly funny” London Evening Standard

Sister Mary is a nun like no other. Found on the steps of St Peter’s of the Sisters of the Third Removed in Soho, she was taken in by the nuns and raised to be the all-singing, musical-theatre-loving performer we see today.

With bigger bellows than Ethel Merman and a cleavage like a Silverback gorilla (both size and, erm, fur), Sister Mary is quite the phenomenon and must be seen to be fully believed.

“Comedy gold” Three Weeks

Over the years, Sister Mary has occasionally left the cloisters to perform to comedy audiences at The Comedy Store in London, The Gilded Balloon at the Edinburgh Fringe, and at the Canal Cafe Theatre. She has hosted her Confessions chat show – featuring a wealth of famous guests – at the Jermyn Street Theatre as well as the RVT in London.

Sister Mary has fans of all ages, from children’s audiences to Elton John’s Christmas party, and all nations, from opening the New Space Theatre in Cape Town to playing Don’t Tell Mama in New York.

Sister Mary is developing some TV projects both here in the UK and for Australia. In the meantime, she can still be seen hosting her monthly Sister Mary’s Big Sunday Show at The Cockpit Theatre in London’s Marylebone on the last Sunday of the month.

“…a classy cabaret sister act who’ll have you dancing in the aisles to the sound of music” West End Wilma