Dave Alnwick


“…a frenzied, charismatic delivery that couldn’t charm you harder if it bought you a drink and told you your hair looked pretty” The Skinny ****

Mind Wizard. Cult Leader. Dave.

We could talk about Dave Alnwick’s 11 sell-out solo Edinburgh Fringe shows, his national tour, numerous five-star reviews, his work with Sony, QVC, Liverpool Football Club, his various appearances on television and radio or his new TV show, Dave Alnwick: Trickster, which debuted in April on LFCTV.

“Totally unbelievable…mind-blowing” Arts Award Voice

We could mention Dave’s performances on the UK cabaret scene, at comedy nights, corporate events and private parties.

“Impossible tricks, indestructible wit; he is charming, fluid, and insanely quick!” SRCZ Magazine

We could even tell you about the lectures he has given at universities and Skeptic Societies around the country, demonstrating how he uses his unique combination of comedy, social psychology and mind wizardry to influence, entertain and leave a lasting impact on every audience.

“…nothing short of exemplary showmanship, funny, quick-witted one-liners and some mind-boggling fits of magic” PurpleRevolver.com ****

We could say all of that and more but what’s the point? The fact is that you will never really understand what it is to see him perform until you’ve witnessed it for yourself. As one reviewer aptly put it, “Alnwick played on the audiences amazement by simply explaining that he was Dave. A must see.” (TheCheapSeatsReview)

“…more tricks up his sleeve than a cunning fox wearing a dozen embroidered shirts.” LSM

Dave returned to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016, playing to packed audiences with two mind-blowing shows, Cult of Dave – Voodoo Rooms Speakeasy and David Alnwick: Mind Wizard in the The Liquid Rooms Warehouse. Autumn 2016 sees the start of his Cult of Dave tour across the UK.